Thursday, July 25, 2019

Lucy and Ellory's swim lessons.

Norah has done a couple different summer rec activities through our town (she was old enough this year to do a few things!), and Lucy and Ellory have been incredible sports about going to her activities and watching. So, when their turn came around for parent/child swim lessons, they were both so excited to have something for them! It was so cute. They talked about it numerous times and were so happy to go. They both did really well and are getting more and more comfortable in the water- both put their head under without issue!

Way to go, Lucy and Ellory! It is so fun to watch you grow!

The parent/child class is an introduction to water, it's not even an actual level, in case anyone was wondering. It's perfect for younger ones who are just beginning. They practice being comfortable in the water, getting rings, blowing bubbles, putting your face in, kicking, etc. 


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