Monday, July 29, 2019

Morning on the farm.

Despite living in a moral rural area than many in bigger cities, it's not often that we get to go to a farm! My good friend, Heidi, invited us to go to her parent's farm (where she grew up). It was a fun morning! The girls enjoyed seeing the barns, cats, tractors, and their beautiful garden. We were thankful for the invitation and for a great experience!

Got some sweet shots of our three beautiful girls in their garden.

We were doing respite at the time for a 16-year-old girl, so she was along too. She actually took these next few pictures. She was very into photography and loved experimenting my camera over the weekend. She was a big animal lover too, so it was fun to see her with the cats and enjoying herself!

Love this picture she got of Ellory in the garden- it was beautiful!

Fun to watch Norah with her friends! You could tell they were so used to being on the farm and my girls weren't, which was funny. Norah has never been a big animal lover, so she never held or touched their kittens. 

I love Norah's hand on Savannah's back in this picture. Grateful for a fun morning with good friends!


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