Monday, August 5, 2019

County Youth Fair.

I can't believe we have lived here for four summers and haven't made it to the county fair until now, but we made it this year and thankful we did! It was a fun time. We enjoyed the inflatables, train rides, pony rides, animal buildings, petting zoo, and kids play area. 

I think this picture of Lucy and Ellory captures their personalities so well. Lucy thinks it's the best ever and Ellory is unsure. (Ellory always likes it in the end, just isn't sure during it!)

The girls were so excited for pony rides! They did great and loved it. (Ellory did it too, but we were doing respite at the time for a 16-year-old girl and she was walking with Ellory, so for the sake of time I just cut out those pictures instead of learning how to blot out her face. Respite went quite well thankfully! Kley was also there, but he's allergic to horses so he had to stay back and be the photographer.)

Love my girls!

Fun on the train! It only had four cars and there wasn't a line at the time, so the girls loved to ride all by themselves.

The girls loved the corn box (is that what it's called?). 

This is one of the pictures our respite friend captured that I ended up keeping because I think it captures Ellory and Norah so well too. Ellory loves animals and Norah is so hesitant. Ellory was talking to the horse and Norah was just staring. Norah and Ellory braved actually going in, but Norah cried right when an animal came towards her, and Ellory even got bit by a goat and went back in after a minute! I was surprised she wanted to go back in, but glad she was brave.

Of course, we had to get more inflatable pictures. :)

We ended the night with $1 ice cream cones. What a fun time!


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