Friday, August 30, 2019

Norah's first day of four year old preschool 2019.

Norah started preschool again recently! She did awesome and had a great first day! She seemed (mostly) ready and excited to go back. There was one time she said she didn't want to go back, but I think that was just nerves or something, because most of the time she was happy about it. It really helped ease the transition (for both of us!) this year knowing it's the same classroom with a lot of the same kids as last year. She has two new teachers that seem incredibly sweet! She is going three mornings this year vs. two last year. (I am okay with preschool, even though I wanted to go pick her up already a half an hour in because I missed her, but I know she will love it and learn a lot. I'm not okay with thinking about Kindergarten next year!)

Our beautiful girl! Norah, we pray you know how loved you are going out and that you share His love with others!


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