Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Omaha zoo trip and grandparent visit.

We headed to the Omaha zoo with Kley's family for some end of summer fun and it was a beautiful day! The girls enjoyed seeing all the animals! I think the aquarium was probably the favorite of everyone. So cool!

Love our little family! So thankful. Kley is a great dad!

Checking out the sea lions.

Glad we get to see Brett, Elizabeth, and Will more lately as Brett has some of his clinical rotations for medical school in the area.

The girls love Will so much. It's adorable to see them fawn over him, although Will might be thinking he's a bit smothered!

Giraffes- my favorite! Love being able to do things all together!

Also, a few weeks ago, my grandparents got to come visit for a couple days from South Dakota. It was special to see them and to watch them with the girls! We unfortunately don't get to see them too often, so them getting to know our girls means a lot! Thanks for coming, Grandpa and Grandma- we love you!


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