Monday, September 9, 2019

Labor Day weekend fun with friends.

My college roommate and her family came to visit us over the Labor Day weekend and we filled it with lots of fun activities! We hit up the park a couple times and played outside when we could, but Saturday was raining all day so we headed to the closest bigger town to us for some indoor fun. We went to Drop Zone, which was our first time there and we said we'd definitely go back some time this winter when we are looking for activities. It's an indoor trampoline park/arcade/laser tag but they have a special kids area for ages 1-5, which was absolutely perfect for our girls. They had a kids kangaroo jumper and a pretty big jungle gym climber. They loved it!

Then we headed to Chuck E. Cheese's. I have so many fond memories there from when I was little, so it's special to take my girls there! Also fun that both of these outings weren't too expensive. We got a $10 thirty minute card (the cheapest option), and I think we definitely maximized that card because we did tons of games.

Their ages are super fun because they just enjoy the experience and don't worry about the tickets. They liked getting them, but they mostly spent their time on the little rides (where you didn't even get tickets), and were totally thrilled with getting a small piece of candy as their prize at the end (out of the smallest prize categories). I will be sad when they grow up and a tootsie roll is no longer an amazing prize to them, but for now I will relish it. :)

Everyone loved these two space rocket rides!

Norah loved this simulated roller coaster ride where you watched it on a screen and the seat vibrated and moved. So fun! Thankful she loves rides and will be my buddy, as Kley doesn't like them.

We ended the day with Chick-Fil-A. Sunday we went to a nearby lake and the kids loved playing in the water and sand. I remembered to pack my camera, but unfortunately forgot to take a single photo. Oops. It can live on in our memories I guess- means we were having so much fun I didn't even think about it!

Love this group photo! So fun to watch our kids play together, as they are similar ages, and so neat to stay connected over the years. Thanks Joe, Jackie, Daniel, Noelle, and Thomas for visiting us!


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