Thursday, July 11, 2019

Three pool sisters!

Everyone seems to love to ask, "Are you going to the pool a lot this summer?" and for us, that answer is a big fat no. I can totally see how that would be fun for older kids, but I don't feel comfortable taking the girls by myself as they all need a lot of attention in the water. Our pool also doesn't open until 1:00, which is our nap/rest time, so whenever we do get the chance, we love to wait until evening when Kley can come too! We were able to make it to the pool on a Saturday, and everyone had fun! 

Neat God story- we were doing respite at the time for a 6 year old girl, and we had talked to a friend from our church who was also doing respite that week and said how it would be fun to do a play date. We found out later that our friend was doing respite for her sibling and they don't get to see each other often, so we did get together and they got to see each other! (With the proper okay from all parties involved, of course.) How fun! We met at the pool and had 3 adults to 5 kids, and it still felt like a lot of work to keep eyes on them all and keep everyone afloat, but we did it. We take water safety very seriously, which is why I don't take the girls to the pool by myself! And speaking of water safety, I was only able to have my camera out for a moment before I had to get into the water to help, but managed to sneak these three adorable shots! Love my girls!


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