Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Dairy Farm Tour.

The girls and I got to tour a dairy farm and it was so fun! I think this is going to be such a fun summer. Lucy and Ellory are sleeping so much better than they used to be in their big girl beds, the hardest parts of potty training are behind us, and it's getting a bit easier to venture to bigger outings solo with all three. What a great feeling! It feels extra sweet because the last couple months were hard in the parenting sense with so much time in the bathroom and difficult/long bedtimes. The sun is shining (literally and figuratively)! :)

The dairy farm tour started off with a bang because we had to park at a nearby event center and take a bus to the farm, which the girls thought was amazing. We stayed for an hour, which was the perfect amount of time for the girls to admire the calves, stare in amazement at the giant cows, watch one be milked, get a tattoo and cow hat, and enjoy some free ice cream!

They had this practice cow to try your own hand at milking, which was a big hit as well. They got the hang of it pretty quickly!

Best of the group photos. ;)

They have 250 cows and each one gives 10 gallons of milk a day! They have this milking machine where the cows can also choose when they want to be milked. 

What a fun summer adventure! We may not have a lot of big city life things, but touring a dairy farm is a pretty sweet small town experience.

Here you can see when Norah and I went for the first time in 2016.


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