Thursday, June 16, 2016

Strawberry picking.

Over the weekend, Norah and I got food poisoning (Kley ate something different so he was fine, thankfully), and it was awful! Poor Norah got it the worst and threw up 12 times in a 6 hour period. We felt so bad for her! She was a trooper though. It took a few days for her to get fully better, but today was the day and we ventured back into the world.

We had a wonderful morning with Gramie! It was a beautiful outside. We started by bringing a meal to Kley's cousin who recently had a baby, and it was absolutely precious to watch Norah hold her. She had never seen a baby that small, and she just kissed her, leaned her head over to rest her cheek on her face, and gently patted her. She cried when she had to give her back. It was so cute!

After that we headed to Getting's Garden to pick strawberries, and it was such fun! Norah loved all of it. She was mesmerized by the tractor ride, and loved getting to eat strawberries!

Norah definitely ate more than she picked.

Norah allowed me to do the majority of the work, while she stood there and waited for me to put one in her mouth. How gracious of her. You can't see it in the picture, but she is signing "more."

My new favorite picture of the two of us! Also hard to see, but her mouth/nose/chin is covered in red juice with a huge smile.

Norah was proud to pick a couple herself!

They also had some animals there too. Norah looked at a safe distance.

What a fun morning! It's so much fun to watch Norah experience everything for the first time. Norah, I love being your mom so much!


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