Friday, June 10, 2016

Norah loves to swim!

While we were in Des Moines last week, we went to the pool and Norah had so much fun. They had the perfect toddler area, with a baby pool, splash pad, and playground. All the family got to go too, so it was extra fun!

Running through the sprinklers with Aunt Karlie.

Hitting the pool with Aunt Kayla.

Norah doesn't have a lot of fear in the water, which means you have to watch her very closely, but it's great that she isn't scared. She actually enjoys getting her face wet!

Aunt Rose took her to the playground.

And Uncle Keaton even took her in the big pool!

Being a parent is so fun because you get to watch your kids experience everything for the first time. Watching their childlike joy is pretty incredible!


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