Monday, June 6, 2016

Fun links.

Beauty and the Beast trailer- The new trailer for Beauty and the Beast (releasing in 2017), put side by side with the original trailer. So cool!

Raising Men lawn care service- A young guys started a lawn care service called Raising Men that provides free lawn care to elderly, disabled, and single mothers. How sweet! What a neat act of service.

Tulips in the Netherlands- So cool how they just look like colored lines from above!

Crazy cool Airbnb rentals- Have you ever heard of Airbnb? It's where you can post your own rental/search for other rentals to stay in as a cheaper option to hotels. Some are private, some are just like renting a room in a person's home, etc. These are amazing ones!

Abortion video changes minds- People who claim to be pro-choice watch a video of a second trimester abortion and afterwards they feel much differently! They also show the video they actually watched on the site too. It's not an actual abortion, but it's a description of what happens and you watch it happen on a fictional drawing of a baby. It's graphic and blunt.

HappyFamily Organics video- A cute video about raising kids. It's so worth it.


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