Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Strawberry picking and swim lessons.

Last weekend my family was here for a wedding, and it was the most perfect cool summer weather, so we headed to the strawberry patch! It was a gorgeous day and so much fun! Norah loved it and came back with a very red face and hands.

Grandma and Aunt Kayla got to come too!

I didn't get to go into the fields because I was nursing the twins in the car, but aren't they the cutest strawberry babies ever? I think yes. We got to all have strawberry shakes after and see the animals at their little petting zoo. So fun!

Here you can see pictures of strawberry picking last year.

This week Norah also had swim lessons. She did so well! It was the parent/child introductory class. She was pretty nervous at first and took some coaxing (like she didn't even want to get into the pool or join the circle), but after awhile she warmed up and did great! She loves to swim, but the class/teachers made her nervous I think. The teacher was fabulous and they even learned some basic stroke moves, which they didn't teach last year. (You can see her first swimming lessons last year here.)

Daddy got to go with her a couple nights and she loved that. She is more brave with Kley than with me and they had a great time!

Blowing bubbles. Great job, Norah!


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