Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Norah's first swimming lessons!

Norah had her first swimming lessons last week! We signed her up for the introductory parent/child swim class. I'm glad we did! Norah loves to swim, but she didn't love the class like I thought or hoped she would. I think being in a large group setting with a teacher made her nervous. When we take her to the pool, she usually doesn't mind getting her face wet, and she even pours water on her own head in the tub sometimes and laughs, but she did not want to get her head wet or do some of the activities. 

Thankfully we were able to distract/encourage her and I think she mostly had at least an okay time! There were a few parts she loved, which were getting a stick (one of those things that sinks to the bottom and you just keep throwing it and getting it), playing ring around the rosie (which she just calls "rosie" and still brings it up), and going down the slide.

This was when she was supposed to be getting her face wet, but she's just standing by the side waiting for the teacher to give her a stick. Ha.

Ring around the Rosie! Norah's friend, Ainsley, took the class too and she loved to hold her hand.

I love her face! Is there anything better than watching your kids be so happy?

Getting her treat and certificate. She thought she needed to eat the treat immediately (a bag of skittles), but thankfully she was completely content after one and then forgot about the rest. I will treasure these glory days because I know when she gets older she'll want the entire bag!

Congratulations Norah! I know this isn't a huge deal, but since I'm your mom I get to blow everything up into a big deal. Way to be brave and finish your first swimming lessons!


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