Monday, August 1, 2016

Summer weddings.

We have had lots of weddings this summer! Our good family friend, Erica, married JD and they are off to Arizona to both be teachers. Erica is my sister Karlie's best friend, and Erica's sister Stephanie is my best friend. Our families went to church together and did lots together growing up. It was fun to celebrate!

JD's two sisters, my sister, and Erica's two sisters were the bridesmaids.

Parents praying over them.

I love this picture and love my siblings!

I was going to include pictures of my cousin's wedding in this post too, but our flight got cancelled and we ended up not being able to make it. Bummer! We were sad to not be able to celebrate and see family, but it was nice to have a quiet weekend at home too. And we got to see Elizabeth (Kley's sister) because she was in town, so that was nice!


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