Wednesday, August 24, 2016


We have now been married for six years. Wow! What a wonderful six years it's been. We've seen God's faithfulness and goodness in the favorite days and even in the hard days. We were able to have a date night (thanks to wonderful grandparents who love watching Norah), and it was so nice to have time alone. We ate dinner and talked about the events that were happening in our wedding at that exact time six years earlier.

Kley, even just thinking about writing an anniversary post about you makes me cry because you are, in all seriousness, God's biggest blessing to me. You love well, encourage often, support always, and forgive easily. I am so incredibly thankful for you. You are my best friend and I love you and sharing life together.

I am so glad you asked me to marry you and we said, "I do" on August 14, 2010. I would marry you all over again and choose you every single day.


and now (this summer at my sister's wedding!).


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