Friday, August 5, 2016

Toddler toys wish list.

Hello! Hope you are having a great day. Here are a few things that are on my wish list for Norah from Learning Resources- they have great educational toys! (Maybe some ideas for Norah's 2nd birthday in October- can't believe it!)

-Learning Essentials Magnetic Counting Garden Puzzles- I have a magnetic white board hung low in our hallway right outside our kitchen and rotate different magnets (I definitely do not trust Norah to use whiteboard markers yet, at least not without me sitting right there), and these would be perfect for that to practice numbers and puzzles too!

-Learning Essentials Ocean Wonders Build & Spin- They also have a really cute flower/garden one too! This would be a fun, different take on a puzzle that also adds a problem solving element of having to connect the pieces together to get it to spin.

-Learning Essentials Magnetic Letters, Numbers, & Shapes- These look fun! Norah has these jumbo uppercase magnetic letters already, but these would be fun too and also have numbers and shapes.
-Smart Snacks Counting Cookies- Norah is a huge fan of cookies, so I think she would love these!

-Smart Snacks Alpha Pops- They also have these Snap and Learn Alphabet Alligators that look neat too! What a fun way to practice upper/lowercase matching.
-New Sprouts Style It- Norah loves to play with my brush and straightener (turned off/cooled, of course) in the bathroom when I get ready, so I think she would like this. 
-New Sprouts Bushel of Fruit- Norah already has the bushel of veggies, and the fruit would be great too! It's such nice quality. When I taught, some of the play food we had was so cheap that the second it got bit or squished it never looked good again- doesn't happen with this!
-New Sprouts Cure It My Very Own Doctor Set- Norah has a infant doctor kit that's very basic, but this would be a fun step up. Norah loves to play with the thermometer, so I think this would be a hit too. She is also scared of going to the doctor, so this would be a neat way to prepare her for that and practice what they do there.
-Smart Snacks Number Pops- I know these are similar to the alpha pops (above), but I just love them, and what a good way to learn to match the number of dots to the correct number and to learn that the actual number is a representation of that number of objects.
-Smart Snacks Shape Sorting Cupcakes- Norah is big into matching things right now, like her shape cube or puzzles, so this would be fun!


  1. These are such great ideas!! I love the dr. kit. Baby girl is really into playing dr. right now. Pues the alpha pops, what a great way to teach letters! I might have to do some pre-daycare shopping. Thanks so much for sharing Kelsey, you always have a great ideas for kid's learning.

    1. You're welcome- it's so fun to look and there are so many great idea out there! Are you opening a daycare? Or just with the girls again? We should get together again soon!

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