Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Favorite free toddler apps.

Hello! I blogged about some of our favorite free ipad apps before, but that was when Norah was younger, so now that she is 2.5, I thought we would follow up again when some of her favorites for a slightly older age. She is having a bit more screen time than we would ideally like right now (because I'm nursing twins all the time), but we still try to keep her screen time limited. This list really isn't that great, because they are all free and I haven't spent a lot of time researching apps, but this is what we have found and Norah has liked in our little searching.

1. Lotto baby tiny hands first words by Tiny Hands- This is a puzzle matching game that Norah has done many times. You only get access to two different ones unless you pay, but the two free ones have been done a lot. The two free ones are clothes and shapes.

2. Preschool first words by CFC s.r.o- This is another puzzle matching game. You only get two free ones- outdoor and shapes- but Norah has done them a lot.

3.. Mr. Potato Head and Mrs. Potato Head by Originator Inc.- This is basically the same as the real life versions, you can dress the potato heads. They have lots of different background/setting and outfit choices too.

4. Little People player by Fisher-Price- This has 8 different short videos and 10 different songs you can watch, which is quite a bit for being free.

5. Smart baby shapes! by Gennadii Zakharov- This one is probably my favorite. There are different levels, and it works on colors/shapes/sizes. For instance, on the first level, you just have to match the triangle and circle to their correct spots, but then it gets harder and you have to match the big/small shapes or correct color shapes. Norah has played this one a lot!

6. Starfall ABC by Starfall- I like this one because it's very educational. You can click on any letter and it will go through the capital and lowercase letter, say the sound, show something that starts with the letter, and then say the word. You can also click on the short vowel sounds. There are a few other activities to click on too, like a couple math songs, geometry and measurement activities, number songs, seasonal songs, color songs, and motion songs.

7. Laugh & Learn Puppy's Player by Fisher Price- This is another favorite too, and there is a ton for being free. There are 33 different song/videos, 3 books, and 21 games. (Yes, I counted.) They are about a variety of different things, like counting or going to the farm.

So, numbers 5-7 are my favorite, as the parent, with educational/developmentally appropriate content, and you there are lots of activities for being free apps. So many times the "lite" version is free, and it's neat, but they hardly give you access to anything unless you pay.

I haven't spent lots of time researching, so if you know of any neat free apps for toddlers (or any that are so amazing you think they are worth paying for), let me know!


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