Friday, May 6, 2016

Favorite FREE iPad apps.

(This is sort of a follow up post to our thoughts on screen time.)

Here are some of our favorite FREE iPad apps (we haven't researched a ton about this, but this is what we've found so far!):

1. Praise Baby DVDs- This is not an app, but these are the only "movies" Norah has ever watched. She loves them! We love that she is watching something age appropriate/captivating and hearing Christian music.

2. Laugh & Learn Learning Letters Monkey App by Fisher Price- This is one of the top favorites. There are four different settings you can choose- ABC, 123, music, and shapes/colors. It's educational, bright colored (captivating), and fun to listen to.

3. Animal Sounds & Photos for Kids and Babies App by Kidstatic- This goes through 10 real life animal photos. It plays their animal sound and says the name of the animal (with it also written on the bottom). Norah loves to scroll through them. You can also purchase more if you want.

4. Baby DJ App by Applifto Inc.- This is a fun music app! It comes with three free pages (you can buy extra), with 9 "buttons" per page (the free pages are called Funky with animals, Smileys, and Signs, like road signs). Each button plays a different sound or beat, so you can create your own music. You can even record it and play it back too.

5. Magic Doodle Picture Book App by Babyfirst- This shows a black screen with a pictures underneath, and you have to swipe the whole page "clean" to see the picture.

6. Giggle Gang App by Fisher Price- This has a colored keyboard on the bottom and each color has it's own little creature that goes with it, so you can hear the song that goes with the color, or play your own notes on the keyboard.

7. Disneyland Explorer App by Disney- This is not even an actual game, but Norah loves it! It actually is really cool. You can go through your own virtual tour of the real Disneyland. You can scroll through and see everything that's there!

8. Drawing Desk App by 4 Axis Solutions- This is a neat coloring app. You can choose from photo, doodle, kids, or sketch desk. You can add pictures, objects to color, and basically choose any color, pattern, or utensil to color with.

9. Bible for Kids App by Life.Church- This is slightly old for Norah, but I LOVE it because it has tons of Bible stories! (I say it's a bit old for Norah because they are more lengthy than her ability to sit through right now.)

What are your favorite kids apps?


  1. I'll have to check some of those out! My Norah isn't into any shows or movies either and most of the apps I've found she doesn't "get" yet. The only one I've found that she LOVES is a Wheels on the Bus app that just plays the song (over and over and over) again. Also, the Starfall app has a lot of nursery rhymes she likes listening to.

    1. Thanks for your ideas! Norah's favorite song is also "Wheels on the Bus" so we might have to look that one up too!


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