Monday, May 16, 2016

Mother's Day 2016.

Happy Mother's Day! We had a busy day with Kley playing on the worship team at church, hosting company, and a get together with Kley's family in the afternoon/evening, but it was a good day! Kley and Norah gave me cards and flowers, and I am so thankful to be Norah's mom. I pray for her so often, giving thanks for her life, her comfortable nature, pleasant demeanor, contagious giggle, and the joy in watching her grow and learn. Being a mom is consuming and demanding, but it's so rewarding and I've learned so much about sacrificial love, both in how to best care for her and in how our Father loves us. I am so honored that He entrusted her to us. Norah, being your mom is one of my top treasures. I love you!

Norah takes a bit to warm up to the camera. Ha.

Love her smile!

The best family shots we could get before church.

Glad we got to see Aunt Elizabeth too!

I love this shot with Gramie and Grandpa!

A great family picture!

And this is my new favorite picture ever. :) I love my family!


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