Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Family/Norah 18 month pictures.

My sister, Karlie, came over to take some family shots of us! We hadn't taken official pictures since Norah turned one, so I figured it was time since Norah is 18 months. Unfortunately, it didn't go super well. Norah wasn't in the best mood and all she wanted to do was swing. Ha.

Karlie took Norah out while Kley and I were cleaning up supper, and she got a few cute ones!

She loves to watch the neighbor's dog. 

Just this week Norah started pulling down her pants- you never know when or where. What a lovely new trick. (Maybe related to potty training? Lots of thoughts on that for another post!)

Big happenings in our yard occurred this week- we got a basketball hoop and a swing set!

Swinging is one of Norah's favorite things. (We should have saved that for last, because then the pictures went sour.)

Norah is seriously crying this whole time because she wants to swing.

We finally tried to to go the park (since the beautiful tulips are right next to the park- we were trying to take pictures there because I don't know if they will look as nice during actual Tulip Festival), but the baby swings were full. We tried the big swings, but you can see Norah pointing at the other swings. She is usually okay with being distracted by something else, but tonight she was on a swing mission and there was nothing stopping her.

Now she's crying because we stopped the swing. Ha. 

I really like this picture, although Norah is trying to get away. I love the background!

So then we just walked around the tulips and settled for pictures from behind.

This one turned out pretty good!

We got one little smile!

Okay Norah, pictures are over!

Despite not getting good photos, it was still fun and I'm glad we did it. That's real life with a toddler! We love you, Norah!


  1. These are so sweet!! Such great photos of your beautiful family!!

    1. Thanks! Fun to do, even if they didn't turn exactly like you hoped! Crying pictures will be funny for them to look back on one day, right?

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  3. These are so perfect for this season of life! Love the explanation with them! Such real life! ☺️ I can always snap them sometime too if you want, I owe you!

    1. Thanks! Now that my sister is gone (sad!), I will definitely take you up on the picture offer sometime! It's always nice to have someone else take some every once in awhile so you can all be in the picture!


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