Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Norah- Nineteen Months.

Norah was finally healthy this month, yay! Norah is growing into a young girl more and more, which is sad to see her baby days go, but it's so fun to watch her learn. You are such a big girl, Norah! We are so proud of the girl you are and you enjoy life so well.

Stats: At her 18 month wellness check, she was 34” (96%), 26 pounds (86%), and head circumference was 18.5” (69%). Norah has been consistently about the same on the charts and we are so thankful for a healthy, growing girl!

Schedule/Eating: Norah is on an excellent schedule, can't complain at all! Still sleeps from about 10-9 and takes one nap from about 1:30-3:45. She usually falls asleep quickly and just lays there quietly when she wakes up until we go get her. It's amazing! She eats 3 meals and a snack before bed. She doesn't like to eat much for breakfast, eats a pretty good lunch, and usually eats the most for supper. She is pretty good with a spoon/fork. Her favorite food is still cheese, really likes watermelon and pretzels, and loves milk.

Teeth: 16th tooth- Bottom left canine on 5/9.

Developments: I feel like developments happen so fast and there are too many to share! Norah is able to do simple puzzles, complete her shape sorter, stack objects, follow simple directions, remember where things are, connect things together (literally and figuratively), and do fine motor skills like lacing beads/boards and try to get dressed with help. She recently started recognizing herself in pictures, and likes to identify family members in pictures. A new trick she likes to do is pull her pants down- you never know where or when! She has also started telling us a few times that she has to poop before she went, so maybe potty training is coming soon. She even pooped on the potty once! Norah can also identify numerous animals (lion, cow, horse, pig, duck, dog, cat, sheep, etc.), and learns quickly, like she remembered a gorilla after seeing it once. She also knows a few animal sounds, like baa, moo, neigh, and roar. She can name/identity lots of body parts like eyes, nose, ears, hair, head, toes, feet, hands, belly button, back, etc. She can point to lots of objects in books. We have been practicing a few letters, shapes, numbers, and colors, but nothing has set in really yet.

When we were reading books one time, I was sitting cross-legged and Norah had her legs out in front of her. She started saying, “too, too!” and pointed to my legs, and wanted me to put my legs out in front like her. Another time I was looking for her plates in her play kitchen, and asked her where they were, and she remembered she had put them in her book shelf. I don't know how long they were there, but she remembered! Little story examples like that happen often!

Words: I feel like there are too many words to keep a list! A few new words we've noticed recently are shower, door, cheerios, cereal, pants, socks, shirt, chair, and she also started saying thank you, which is so cute! She says it without prompting at appropriate times (not every single time, but fairly often!). Her M sound also became much more clear, and I love hearing her say Mama!

Favorites: Norah's absolute favorite is going outside, and especially going outside to swing. She could swing all day! Norah loves to read books, play with her baby (mainly wrap her up, take her for walks, and change her diaper), climb inside Daddy's car when he gets home, go for walks, sit up on the counter and “help” in the kitchen. She likes looking at pictures on people's phones, her play kitchen microwave and the real one, drinking milk, and playing with her friend Ainsley when she comes over. She's a good helper taking clothes out of the laundry bin and putting them in the washer.

We love you so much!

(Photo shoots with a toddler are always interesting! I remembered to take pictures this morning, but then forgot as we had two other babies here today, so these pictures were taken in outfit #2 after outfit #1 got soaked in the water table. What was I thinking hoping she wouldn't get too wet? Splashing is the most fun! She also doesn't want to sit still or look for a picture!)

Reading one of her favorite books- she loves dogs!

Mom, turn the flash off!

Norah has recently learned the art of fake sleeping. She makes a cute soft snoring sound, but hasn't yet mastered closing her eyes.

Making us cupcakes!

She definitely knows where her belly button is!

She really needs to get at a good angle to see what's under the flap!

She's a thumb sucker. I think it's adorable, as she's still young!

This was the best "cheese!" she would give me.


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