Saturday, May 21, 2016

My sister's college graduation.

Karlie, my sweet sister, graduated from Northwestern this weekend! She's going to be a nurse, and a great one at that with her caring and compassionate heart. (Since she won't say it, I will brag about her- in the "honors and achievements" category in the program, hers was the longest, and she's also had three job offers this week! She is very talented and hard working in many areas and is well deserving of praise! You go, Karlie!)

It was neat that Kley's aunt, Jill Ver Steeg, gave the commencement address, who was also a long-time pastor at the church I grew up going to in Des Moines.

Our cousin, Alexandra, graduated and is going to be a nurse too! 

Karlie getting her diploma.

A few of my favorite people!

Some family shots!

In July we get to add Zack to the family when him and Karlie get married!

Our whole family- always love having everyone together. Congratulations Karlie- it was fun to celebrate you!


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