Friday, May 27, 2016

Fun links.

Boy catches first fish- This is so adorable. Watch this little boy catch his first fish. He's so excited! (And their Southern accents!!)

Nicole Nordeman- Slow Down music video- I watched this in bed and cried at how big Norah has gotten, and then watched home videos of her as a tiny baby. Slow down, time!

A neat article about Joanna Gaines- Ever watched Fixer Upper? Chip and Joanna are such a great couple! Here she shares some thoughts on Mother's Day and being a mom/working.

Helping kids turn suffering into praise- This was a great article about helping your children turn their suffering into praise. Choosing thankfulness in the midst of hard times is not easy, but it's so rewarding and helps change your perspective. She talks about her son and his disabilities and how they have talked about how exquisitely God made his brain and He wired him to work and think that way. (She had many good things to say, however, she said that she measures her success in parenting if her children become children after God's own heart. She was talking about how that is more important than their grades or earthly things they accomplish, which is true, but I don't think that Norah becoming a Christian entirely measures my success. Certainly Godly parents play a huge role in shaping their children, but I can't make Norah love God just by trying really hard. We certainly pray often that God would help us parent Norah in His ways and that she would grow up to love and serve Him with her whole heart, but that's not necessarily a guarantee. That's a scary thought, because I want Norah to know His love like we do, but despite our very best efforts, only God can capture her heart.)

Here's to the most glamorous job on earth- A funny Mother's Day video.

Cute Cheerios Commercial- Mother/daughter dance duo. Kids can learn so much and are watching us closely!

First three months of motherhood- A mother's take on the first three months of motherhood that definitely made me resonate with a few things (like their cries hit you like no one else!).

Collective Evolution's video about Finnish schools- A fascinating video about how Finland overtook their education system by shortening the school day and cutting out homework, and how their test scores skyrocketed. 


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