Monday, May 30, 2016

Tulip Festival 2016.

It's Tulip Festival time! In case you have no idea what that is, which most of you probably don't, it's an annual Dutch celebration each year. There are rides, food stands, and parades every day with Dutch dancing/games, bands, floats, street scrubbing, Tulip Festival Queen and her court, and people wearing their Dutch costumes. (View the website to learn more!) It's a lot of fun! The whole town goes to it, and it's fun to celebrate and see so many people you know. 

Wednesday night is ride night, and Norah went down the giant slide, ferris wheel, and merry-go-round! She loved them all, but probably the slide the most. While the rides were fun, Norah did not enjoy her first experience of waiting in long lines. 

It was a beautiful night!

Ferris wheel! (If you look closely, Norah's face is hilarious in this picture.)


Norah spotted Daddy in the crowd.

The Pride of the Dutchmen marching band (Kley's high school). He gets so excited every year to see them!

Norah and Kley watching the parade.

Our little Dutch girl! We got her her own little broom for scrubbing the streets, and she loves it! (Scrubbing the streets happens before the parade to make the streets "clean" for the queen and her court to be presented- the men throw buckets of water on the street and the women/kids scrub it.)

My favorite picture!

Wearing our Dutch costumes!

It was during nap time, so Norah wasn't too happy.

Norah saw her friend Ainsley! (Both girls with their grandmas, how fun!)

So cute!

My friend, Madison, and I.

Scrubbing the streets!

Norah loves her Aunt Elizabeth! Also, how cool is Norah?

Kley playing in the alumni band!

 Brett playing the drums. 

The last parade!

Look here to see pictures of last year's Tulip Festival!


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