Saturday, January 31, 2015

House Tour- Living Room.

Welcome to our living room! (You can see our other rooms here.) I apologize that these pictures aren't the best; I was taking them quickly. I love this room. I love that we got my grandma's piano, I love the sectional couch and have always wanted one (we were able to buy it with the money we got from selling items the previous owners left), and I love Norah's newborn photos! I also love the blue aspects on the curtains, pillows, and above the fireplace.

The sectional is from Homemakers, the fan/light is from Menard's, and the couch pillows are from Target.

The chair was recovered and was an old one from my in-laws. The blankets, lamps, and blue pieces above the fireplace are from Pottery Barn.

The lamp and curtains are Pottery Barn.

The bookcase and end table are also from Target.

I love the fireplace!

The game chest is from my in-laws old house, the TV Kley just got for a great deal on cyber Monday, and the TV stand is from target.

Here is what is looked like DURING the moving process, after we had already painted everything.

Here is what it looked like BEFORE. We removed the curtains, painted all the walls, got a new light fixture, and painted the fireplace.


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