Friday, January 23, 2015

Norah- Three Months.

Norah is three months! Her personality is really coming alive! She has grown so much over the last month. It’s so fun to watch her develop and be able to engage with us more. She is such an integral part of our lives and sometimes it’s hard to remember ever living without her. She is such a joy!

At 9 weeks, Norah started “talking” back to us with little coos. That has only increased over the weeks, and now she will have a minute long “conversation” with us back and forth. At 9.5 weeks we heard her first short giggle. We have heard a few more since, but she isn’t actually laughing yet. Those little giggles are the best!

Norah has been an awesome sleeper the last month. We are incredibly thankful that she has been sleeping through the night since 8 weeks- what a blessing! She has been sleeping in her crib since 11 weeks. We waited to try the crib until after the Christmas travels and to give her time to adjust to the new house. We were worried she wouldn’t like sleeping flat on her back, since her bassinet was curved, but she has done well! Usually she sleeps from approximately 10:30pm-9:00 am. Yay! She usually takes a couple naps a day that are about half an hour.

She eats about every 3-3.5 hours now, and nursing is still going really well. Recently Norah doesn’t like to be burped and will push back and cry. She still burps/spits up, but not as often as she used to. She is getting stronger! She can push back with her legs, hold her head up strongly, and sit up when propped against something. She can also roll over onto her side. At 10.5 weeks, Norah started wearing all 6-month clothes. Norah had her two-month checkup later than normal, because of Christmas/moving, at 12 weeks. She weighed 14 lbs. 9 oz (90th percentile), was 24.5” (94th percentile), and head circumference was 16 in. (88th percentile). What a big girl! We are thankful she is healthy. The doctor detected a heart murmur, so she has to have an echocardiogram coming up, but she said most clear up on their own. They are just checking to make sure, so hopefully those results come back normal!

Norah enjoys car rides, stroller rides, taking a bath, sucking on her blanket and fists, listening to Daddy play guitar, hearing her toys rattle, and being held. She will sometimes grab toys and sit for books. We love you so much, Norah! Being your parents is such an honor.


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