Tuesday, January 27, 2015

House Tour- Kitchen.

Hello! I have been wanting to post pictures of our house for a long time, but kept waiting because I didn't want to post anything until it was "done." It's still not completely done, but I figured it would be awhile before it was, so I might as well just start! 

I will start with the kitchen, because that was basically finished first because we did the least to it. Thankfully, the previous owners redid the kitchen about 10 years ago, and they did a good job! I was very thankful for this, because many houses on the market had older, or even original, kitchens. I really wanted a modern kitchen, so I am very grateful for this! We didn't have the money to redo a kitchen right away, nor did I want to. 

Another reason I really love this kitchen is because it's HUGE! There is so much storage space it's incredible. It has more cabinets than a lot of houses, which is so nice (and definitely way more than our tiny apartment!).

The only thing we did in the kitchen was paint. They used to have stripes around the banner above the cabinets. We have a new light fixture coming, to match more of the bronzed finish of our other new light fixtures, but the one they had wasn't that bad. We also replaced the dishwasher, because it was broken, and got a new sink. We should get a new microwave, because the one there is really old. The handle snapped off one day, and it's so old that they don't sell parts for it anymore. It looks like it was broken previously, and was hot glued back on. Oops.

Overall, I am super pleased with the kitchen! Here is what it looks like NOW:

I also like the small bar at the end where we can fit two barstools. (We replaced the bar stools- the ones there were really clunky and 90's looking.)

I love our new kitchen-aid mixer, magic bullet, and fiestaware containers! (We went through two blenders already and they both broke. Now we have the magic bullet and I love it way more than a blender.)

I love having our decorations be sentimental. The vase is from a trip to Cancun, the cup/spoon was a gift from my brother from Spain, the frame is from a former influential teacher who passed away, the glass canister was a wedding gift from my grandma, the Bible verse displayer is from my mom, and the ring holder was painted at my bachelorette party.

I also love having recipe books displayed, and the fun letter D was a birthday gift from a good friend (and it lights up!).

We also now have a mini-keurig, which is so nice!

Here is what it looked like BEFORE:

Here is what it looked like DURING the moving/update process:

(You can see the other rooms of our house here, if you want.)


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