Sunday, January 11, 2015

Baby Items- Diaper Bag edition.

Hello! Here are my thoughts about diaper bags. You can read my thoughts on other items here.

We first had the Skip Hop Duo Signature diaper bag in Chevron for Norah. (I loved it and would recommend it, but ended up giving it away after awhile, just because I found ones I liked better.) It's comfortable to carry and has lots of pockets to organize things. I also like the size; you can fit a lot into it but it's not too bulky to carry. I looked at a lot of diaper bags, and I immediately liked this one, and loved the chevron pattern. We did not know the gender before, so I loved the chevron for either! It also comes with a changing pad. Also, Kley said he likes it too, and it's not too crazy that he doesn't want to carry it. 

Verdict: Yes.

Update: I have had several other diaper bags now, just because I am a purse girl. The website doesn't have my exact one anymore, but it's very similar to the Make A Change Baby diaper bag from Vera Bradley. The only thing I don't like about it is the straps are too short to fit over the stroller handlebar, which was a fairly big annoyance. Also, it wan't as durable to me as the skip hop bags. I also have the Skip Hop Versa Diaper Bag in Black, which I am currently using, and I really love it. It's the perfect size and has lots of pockets. I would highly recommend that one too!

I also have the Petunia Pickle Bottom Altogether Tote in Quartz and the Lily Jade Rosie Bag in Grey and I love both!

Skip Hop Grab & Go Wet/Dry Bag- I have not actually used this yet, but it's nice to have. It would be really nice to put wet things, like if your baby has a big blow out or spit up. I think this works well for older children, especially if you have an accident during potty training. When I taught, kids at school also used these for water days and put their swim suit in it when finished, and then it doesn't get the rest of the dry things in the bag wet. 

Verdict: Take it or leave it, but works better for a bit older kids than babies. 

Update: Still haven't actually used this, so it's definitely not a necessity.

Skip Hop Pacifier Pocket- Norah doesn't like pacifiers much, but this is still nice to have for the rare time she will. It's nice to have your pacifiers in a specific spot, so then they don't get lost in the bag and it keeps them separate from other germs. It also provides easy, quick access to them, as you can attach it to the strap of the diaper bag. 

Verdict: Yes.

Update: Norah never liked pacis, so we took it off after a bit, but will keep it for our next baby!

Skip Hop Outdoor Cooler Bag and Blanket- We just got this for Christmas after Norah was born, and I love it. It's super nice for park days, picnics, parades, ball games, etc. It unfolds into a waterproof blanket, and zips up into a small square with a strap. It's easy to throw into the wash, and things don't stick to it like a regular blanket.

Verdict: Yes.

Update: I love this and it's so nice for outdoors. I would highly recommend. It's so nice that it zips up and it's wipeable/doesn't really get dirty. We used it often when it's nice outside!

Here are a few other things I would say you need in the diaper bag:
-Change of clothes
-2 extra onsies
-Hand sanitizer
-Diapers (I always have at least 4.)
-A couple toys/rattles (More for older babies, not newborns.)
-Blanket, hat, gloves, if cold.
-Sunscreen, hat/sunglasses, if hot.
-Cooler pack/bottle, depending on how long we will be gone (I just use a Similac cooler pack I got in the mail from a free sample, and so far she has only tried the Medela bottle that came with the pump, and the Avent bottle she got as a free sample, since she rarely has a bottle.)

Here are a few things that are nice to have in the diaper bag:
-Disposable diaper bags- These are really nice for when you are at someone else's house and don't want to smell up their garbage.

-Snacks (For you, or baby once they get older.)
-Johnson's face/hand wipes or Boogie Wipes- I thought Boogie Wipes were insane until Norah had her first cold and then I loved them.
-Nipple cream, if you are nursing. This natural nipple butter is my favorite.
-If you are a new new mom, extra pads and Tucks medicated cooling pads.
-Nursing blanket, if nursing. The Aden and Anias classic swaddle blankets are my favorite because they are big enough to cover you, and thin enough so baby won't get hot. If I nurse with a thick blanket, Norah gets so hot underneath. 
-Disposable nursing pads, if nursing and you leak a lot.
-Disposable changing pads- For when you are in a public restroom and don't want to lay your nice changing pad down. Also, nice for when you know it's a really full, poopy diaper and it will likely be messy.

Update: Norah never really took to a bottle, which is fine since I am home nursing, but I still use the Similac cooler pack for her baby food when we are out and about. Obviously, you can also swap out seasonal things like hats/mittens for sunscreen/sun hat/sunglasses depending on the weather.


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