Thursday, January 29, 2015

Recent reads, the library, and feeding happenings.

I haven't blogged about books in awhile, and at first I thought it was because I'm doing a bad job reading, but I don't really think it's been that bad. I know some people read tons of books, but since Norah has been born (she is 14 weeks today!), I have completed two books and am in the middle of two more. I'd say that's pretty good for 3 months!

On a side note, I am super excited to read a lot with Norah. I love books, especially children's books. I am also excited because I went to the Orange City library last week and was much more impressed with their children's section than I thought I would be. I was more pumped than most people to get a library card, I think.

During Norah's first weeks of breastfeeding, when I felt like that's all I ever did basically, I read these two books. They are both fiction novels, and a lighter/quick read than some.

Bridge to Haven by Francine Rivers- This was a long book, but I enjoyed it. It was my first Francine Rivers book, and I would read her books again. Probably not all the time, but would definitely enjoy reading another. She is a Christian author, so it was nice to read a book with Christian elements and a redeeming, pure storyline. It's about a girl named Abra who was abandoned as a baby and was found/adopted. As she grows up, she strayed away down a bad path, and it's about her choices and how they led her to the Lord. 

The Fault in our Stars by John Green- Since this is now a movie, I had to wait for about 4 months to get this from the library, as all the teenage girls are clamoring for it. I actually saw the movie first, which I don't recommend doing. I like reading the book first. The book was very similar to the movie, I thought. I enjoyed reading it and liked their funny/witty banter between each other, although it's very sad also. In case you haven't heard, it's about two teenagers who have cancer and meet at support group ad fall in love.

Also, as another side note, I am also enjoying watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix during Norah's feedings.


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