Wednesday, January 21, 2015

When Dad's in Charge.

When Dad's in Charge

I read this today when I woke up, and it was a great article for me to read. I encourage you to read it!

At one of my baby showers, the women there went around and gave me their best parenting advice. A dear friend talked to me about the dad, and said to try to resist telling him that he's doing it wrong. Just because he does things differently doesn't mean it's wrong.

I think it's one of the best pieces of advice I've been given. I love Kley so much, but we are also very different people. I am type A, love to make lists, love to get lots of things done, love to be organized, love to be clean, etc. Kley is not made that way. It's great that we balance each other out, but it also brings my faults out at times because I can be nagging or telling him to do things my way. Sometimes, mainly a lot of the time, I just need to let things go and let him do it his own way.

She talked about micromanaging her husband in the article, and I don't want to do that, but fear that I do far too often. I can picture the scene she describes- with clothes on backwards, dishes not put away, messy smears all over, and that would bother me. It wouldn't bother Kley. I like how she talked about him challenging and engaging the kids, and giving them his undivided attention. Kley is so good at that. Too often I try to get things done and keep things neat and I can miss the moment. Kley takes advantage of that in a more seamless, carefree way than I do.

Kley is so good at giving Norah attention and really loving her. He may not be the best at cleaning up or keeping things in order exactly like I would, but that's okay (and I need to remind myself of this post the next time something bothers me!). I have no doubt that Kley loves her, cares for her, and engages with her.

I'd much rather have that than perfect order.

So, huge thanks to you, Kley, for loving both Norah and I so well and providing a great and much needed balance to our marriage/parenting. You are the best.


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