Thursday, January 15, 2015

Two month appointment and the time I cried at her shots.

Norah had her two month appointment at the doctor yesterday. (Even though she is almost three months. She is 12 weeks today! I can't believe it. We weren't sure whether to have her two month in Des Moines before we moved, or wait until we got to Orange City. I am so happy that we waited, in the end. She couldn't get in to the Orange City doctor until yesterday, which worked out great because then the Christmas traveling was over and she had time to get adjusted to our new house).

Norah did so great! She was super happy and cooing/smiling and the nurses. It was so cute. She is up to 14 pounds 9 ounces! She is a big girl, in a good way! She is about 90th percentile on everything- height, head circumference, and weight. I wasn't surprised by that, since she was almost the exact percentages she was at her two week appointment, and I knew she was growing. She is already wearing all 6 month clothes, and even a couple of those are getting a little snug.

Two month appointments mean shots, and I was so nervous. I thought it was horrible and I cried. The nurses were really nice, and said that I must be a first time mom. Ha. Norah did great and only cried for a minute, and has been fine since! No reactions, thankfully.

Here are some pictures of her from the other day. Pretty much every time I get the camera out it turns into a mini photo shoot, because I am trying to get good ones, and I also love capturing all her facial expressions. This time I couldn't get any smiles. Oh well.

Also, the doctor said that Norah is doing really well, but she does have to have an echocardiogram soon to check on a heart murmur to make sure everything is okay. Praying those results will come back fine! The doctor didn't seem concerned and said that most heart murmurs go away on their own, so hopefully that is the case with Norah. Other than that, she is healthy and growing strong! We are so thankful for her!


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