Monday, September 10, 2018

Pumpkinland 2018.

We love Pumpkinland! It's a local pumpkin farm close to where we live, and we frequent it often during the fall. The opening (September 1st), always seems to signal the beginning of Fall to me. So fun! They had a countdown to the opening on Facebook where the posted a different picture of something on the farm each day, and Norah enjoyed following along. It's one of her favorite places! They have a corn maze (an adult one and a kids one), pumpkin fields, store with fall items, animal area (with ducks, goats, donkeys, chicks, geese, and a turtle!), a big horse swing, and a play area. 

We happened to run into our good friends from church too, which was fun! The kids had such a good time playing together. So sweet to watch! They loved wheeling these small wheelbarrows around and filling them with tiny pumpkins.

So fun to have seasonal traditions! Love taking our picture by the signs each year. My sister Kayla got to come along too, yay!

 I love this picture so much!

The play area is a huge hit. They played there so content for so long!

Ellory loved the ducks/geese. She watched them for a long time and jumped up and down in excitement yelling, "Quack quack!" when they made a lot of noise. She is an animal lover!

Norah has been in a big collecting phase. She loves to put anything into bags, purses, buckets, etc. I'm much more willing to let her do it outside so she can collect whatever she wants without messing anything up :) It keeps her occupied for a really long time!

Lucy and Ellory loved these little play sets! Look at Ellory laughing at Lucy! So cute.

After Lucy played for a long time, she finally realized there were animals!

Norah and her good friends, Josie and Savannah, had a great time together. They played so sweetly!

 Checking out the donkeys. Norah and Lucy stayed back, but Ellory walked right up.

Lucy is such a daddy's girl.

Norah loves the horse swing!

Can't believe Norah is almost 4 and starting preschool so soon!

The best of the group shots. You take what you can get, right? Thankful for a fun morning together!

Here's our visits in the last years: Pumpkinland 2015, Pumpkinland 2016Pumpkinland 2017. They change so much from year to year!


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