Thursday, September 20, 2018

We love weekends.

We had such a fun weekend! My friend/roommate from college, Brittany, came to visit us, so we had fun spending time with her and showing her our city. It's so fun to show people the beautiful, unique place we live. Since it's such a small town, there are definitely some aspects that are very lacking compared to big cities, but that also means that we have some neat things that big cities can't offer. The quietness, ability to walk to so many places, and the fun local things are so neat! Our town really is great. 

We had a great time going to the park, on walks, to Pumpkinland (our local pumpkin patch/farm), Pizza Ranch, and to the indoor pool. We also frequented a few local stores and the coffee shop. We did more activities than we usually would do in one weekend because Brittany was here, but that's what makes having friends come so fun! The girls loved it. Also, a Pizza Ranch worker commented on how well and how much Lucy and Ellory were eating. I think it's hilarious and so adorable how seriously they take their buffet. Just like Kley. We don't go their often, so we go big when we do. :)

The girls really enjoyed the pool! Ellory has gotten so much braver throughout the summer at going down slides (both at the regular park and pool), and getting more comfortable in the water. We only made it to the pool a few times, because there's no way I feel comfortable taking them all by myself, so they didn't get as much water exposure as I would have ideally liked, but I could tell they got better with the few times we did make it! Lucy is so adventurous- she loves the water and has no fear with getting completely wet. 

Norah is such a great big sister! She is so kind to them sometimes it makes my heart swell. 

The three of them combined went down this little slide about 50 times. It was a hit!

My love language is quality time, so I really love family pictures capturing those moments!

Brittany, thanks for coming to visit us and for being a great friend!

I love Lucy's face in this picture, like she's thinking, "Why are you here and not my dad?"

Having twins is still a lot of work, but the first year was definitely harder. To all twin parents in the first year- you are amazing, He will equip you with the strength you need, and you will make it through! Boy, I feel like we are in such a sweet stage. They are so fun. Getting out of the house and doing activities feels so much more manageable than it used to.

Thankful for such good weekends like this one. 


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