Friday, September 14, 2018

And she's off!

Norah is officially a preschooler! It doesn't feel like it should be time to say that, as it feels like we just took her home from the hospital, but yet it is. She expressed mixed reviews of excitement and nervousness leading up to it, but she did so well. There were no tears (for her anyways- I shed some once I got home!) and she was very brave. We talked about how it was okay to feel nervous and lots of people feel that when they do something new/different/scary, but we prayed for bravery over her and that it would be a smooth transition. The first day went great! She came home happy and excited. She seemed very proud and said she used her manners and her teacher told her she did a good job. She said that she played in the kitchen, the farm room, with baby dolls, colored, ate goldfish, read a Clifford book, and played a game with happy and sad cards and they had to put thumbs up or thumbs down if it was kind or not. Pretty good details I thought!

Norah, you are the sweetest girl and I am so very thankful to be your mom. As I dropped you off, I felt a comforting yet challenging reminder that you are ultimately His, not mine. What a gift you are to me and Daddy. Being your mom is a great joy. As you start to spread your wings a little, I pray that you would go out and be kind and share His love. 


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