Monday, September 24, 2018

Pigtails and pumpkins.

While these aren't major events, they are exceptionally noteworthy to me because it's the small things, these types of things, that I want to treasure and never forget. Family is such a precious blessing. 

Lucy and Ellory had their first pigtails! So adorable. 

It probably won't be happening very often though, since they act like I am ripping their hair out when I try to put a pony in. I will prevail with one everyday simply to keep it out of their face, but three can be reserved for special times. :)

We also painted pumpkins! Norah was so excited to come with me (while Kley took Lucy and Ellory to their music class- he's a great dad!) to pick them out and we had to immediately paint them after. Doing yearly traditions are some of my favorite things! It was neat to watch Norah carefully inspecting the pumpkins, searching for the best ones, and asked if she could have a little white one just for her room. How could I say no? 

Lucy and Ellory did quite well for not having much experience with paint. They loved it! Except for the moment when Lucy stuck her hand in it, panicked, and wiped it on her face, getting some in her mouth. Ha. 

Want to know my important lesson for craft success? Set yourself up for it beforehand. Hence the nude painting (and bath right after), plates underneath, washable paint, abundant wipes, etc. It makes the experience more fun for everyone!

Happy Fall and happy memory making! It's fun to look back on each season to see how much your kids grow in a year! Check out Lucy and Ellory in their cute pumpkin outfits last year!


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