Saturday, May 9, 2015

Teacher Appreciation Day 2015.

Teacher Appreciation Day was May 5 this year. I don't have any wonderful insights or insightful articles to share, but I wanted to acknowledge the day. Even though I am not teaching in a classroom anymore, I will always remember Teacher Appreciation Day.

To all teachers out there, I appreciate you. Teaching is an extremely difficult job, and a job that many don't understand. Lesson planning is difficult and time consuming. You have to figure out how to best teach a classroom of entirely different learners who learn at different paces. Teaching is emotional. You have to deal with parents who get angry with you and children who behave poorly.

Everyone always says that the kids who behave the worst are the ones that are screaming for love the most. While I think that's true, it's very hard. Teachers do so much, and the love they pour out of their hearts is amazing.

I loved my kids, when I taught, so much. Like they were my own. This year, Teacher Appreciation Day looks different for me in thinking about my own daughter, Norah. She will spend a lot of time in classrooms with teachers as she grows up. I pray that she gets amazingly wonderful teachers that will love on her and invest in her when I am not there.

Teachers aren't perfect, but most are pretty fabulous and try so hard. Your efforts are noticed and valued. Happy Teacher Appreciation Day to teachers everywhere.

Thank you.


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