Monday, May 25, 2015

Blindfolded children finding their moms (video).

Pandora video- Blindfolded children finding their moms.

I saw this video shared about 7 different times in Facebook yesterday, but it was so sweet.

I liked it for two reasons.

1. So many moms write about their body insecurities/how different they are after having children in a negative light. Yes, your body is different after having babies, but that doesn't have to be seen or taken as a bad thing. You carried a child! That's beautiful. Those kids knew their mamas. Your babies don't care what you look like, just that you love them.

2. I really think Norah has/will grow up to have physical touch as one or one of her top love languages. She loves to be held and always have me in super close proximity, so it was neat to see this because those kids knew their mom so well and could pick her out quickly. Thinking about Norah's connection to me like that is amazing.


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