Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Norah- Seven Months.

Norah is 7 months and is getting so big! She had her 6 month wellness check this month and is doing great. She was 27.75” (96%), head circumference of 17.25” (84%), and weighed 19 lbs. (88%). She didn’t like the shots, but handled it pretty well. The doctor said she is developing well and can start eating basically anything whenever we think she is ready!

Norah has gotten even more interactive this month. She loves to be in the action and to see what’s going on. She does well with other people holding her, most of the time, and has been to the nursery a few times! She can pull herself up a little on things, but not all the way yet. She sits up well with occasional topples, and wants to go from laying to sitting on her own in the worst way. She can lift her bottom up a little and wiggle back and forth when on her tummy, but doesn’t crawl yet. She can scoot backwards a little when she really gets kicking and moving.

She can do a few tricks sometimes, like giving kisses, high fives, “so big,” and arching her back and going upside down. A few times she has been a show off, and knowing when people are watching/laughing, so she will continue to do something. (There were two times this month where she threw a mini tantrum and cried when we took something away from her, which was a first, but thankfully that’s not a regular occurrence, and hopefully won’t become one!) We are still working on baby sign language, but she hasn’t done any back yet.

Norah was on a really good schedule this month. She had been before, but her naps improved a lot this month. She has never been a long napper, but got more regular with naps this month and a little longer. She usually takes three naps a day now- late morning, midafternoon, and early evening, each about 45 minutes. She still nurses 4 times a day and eats solids twice a day. She is a good eater, usually, and eats everything! Bananas are her favorite, we think. She tends to like fruits better than vegetables, but will eat it all. Norah has been sleeping awesome at night and usually sleeps from 10-8:30 or 9.

Norah loves to go for walks outside, talk/babble, chew on cups, take baths, play with toys, sit up, reach for objects, and be with mom and dad! We think Norah’s front teeth are starting to come in, but can’t see them yet. We love you Norah!


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