Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Graduation Day 2015 (Brett, Elizabeth, and Zack)!

We had a huge weekend! It started with my sister, Karlie, and my mom, staying with us Wednesday and Thursday, which was super fun. I wish they were here longer! The rest of my family came up on Friday. Saturday was the Northwestern College graduation. My sister-in-law, Elizabeth, and her fiance, Brett, graduated. My sister's boyfriend, Zack, also graduated. It was fun to be there!

All the graduates.

Brett getting his diploma.

Elizabeth getting her diploma.

Zack getting his diploma.

My sister, Karlie, helped with the graduation and was a flag carrier.

Norah celebrating with Aunt Elizabeth!

Uncle Keaton and Aunt Kayla. (Doesn't Norah look super cute in her sun hat?)

The whole family with Zack.


All my siblings. What a great picture, and wouldn't be complete without Keaton doing something. This was mild for him.

After the ceremony, there was a party at Aunt Elizabeth's house with her friends!

What a great day celebrating! Saturday night we headed to Sioux Center to have dinner with my grandparents and had some nice family time.


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