Saturday, May 30, 2015

House Tour- Garage Entryway.

The garage entryway, though quite small, is one of the spaces we made the most changes to. I love it. There were three doors in this very small area- one for the basement, one for the closet, and the garage door. We changed the garage door from opening inward to opening outward into the garage. This was a really nice move in making it feel like there was more space than there really is. 

We also removed the door from the closet, so there are only two doors in the area instead of three. I love that we did that. It makes it seem much more open. It was a regular closet before, with a hanging rod. We took that out, because we have another coat closet by the front door (yay!), and installed a bench and hooks, and put storage baskets on top. It's so nice for hanging coats that you wear regularly, storing those misc. items, and having the bench is great for setting things down, like the diaper bag.

I also love these two things we have hanging in there- my sister painted this verse, and the black signs were a housewarming gift with all of our previous/current addresses on it. So neat!

This is what it looked like BEFORE:

Also, you can see the other rooms in our house here, if you'd like.


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