Friday, May 22, 2015

House Tour- Some of my favorite things.

We have been in our house since Christmas now, and we are so grateful to have a house. It's so nice to be able to have a place that's really ours and to have more space than our tiny apartment before. Here are a few of my favorite things about/in our house:

Our nightstand lamps in our bedroom (from Pottery Barn).

Some of the sentimental things in our dresser in our room (the wedding figurine from my parents for our wedding, one of Kley and I's first pictures together back in college, and some gifts from my sister- she painted the "D" for us back when we were dating and she came with one of the weekends I came to visit Kley and stayed with our grandparents). 

This wall in Norah's nursery.

My travel wall in the office/den.

All of our important invitations/announcements in the kitchen (wedding invites, bridal/baby shower invites, christmas cards, Norah's birth announcement, etc.).

The light fixture in our dining room (from Menard's).

Our dining room table and rug (table is from Kraai Furniture here in town, and rug is from Target).

This cross hanging by our front door from our honeymoon.

This framed Thomas Mangelsen poster- I love his pictures and so does my dad, so it reminds me of him. And it's so pretty!

My great grandmother's china.

My grandma's piano with the hymns we sung at our wedding framed above it.

Our sectional couch (from Homemaker's) in the living room- I always wanted a sectional couch growing up.

Our living room lamps (from Pottery Barn).

Having a big kitchen.

This verse that my sister painted right inside our entryway.

These signs with all of our previous addresses on it, given to us as a housewarming gift. So cool.

Last but not least, having a washer and dryer!


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