Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Sioux Falls Zoo Day!

Today we went to the Sioux Falls Great Plains Zoo with Aunt Karlie and Zack! It was super fun and a beautiful day. It was Norah's first zoo visit, and it was fun to have Aunt Karlie and Zack along before they left for the summer!

Mommy's shades fit her well. :)

Norah was more interested in the tie on my shirt/my necklace than most of the animals, but she did check out a few!

Aunt Karlie and Zack.

While we were watching the penguins, one of them pooped into the pool and it was like a jet propulsion coming out. Super gross, I know, but hilarious.

Penguin watching.

We didn't think this zoo had the best animal selection, but it was decent. In their Africa section, their rhino exhibit was the biggest/their highlight. I have never thought that rhinos were the coolest, but still neat. 

Giraffes are my favorite and glad Norah could share the experience this time!

Using my new zoom lens was awesome to get some close up shots!

Unfortunately, the zebra would not turn around.

Cute baby geese.

Also, it was sad that they lost several animals over the winter. The cheetah lost his brother/sister, so he was alone, and the black bear lost his partner. So sad.

Petting zoo! 

Norah just stared at the goat. 

The snow monkeys were all of our favorites. They were super active. They were chasing each other, pushing each other into the pool, pulling hair, laughing at each other, and we even saw two of them humping. Wow. 

This monkey was who they were picking on, and the little one came over to make sure he was okay when it was over.

All in all, it was a fabulous day! I have always loved going to the zoo, and am glad that Norah could experience it for the first time!


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