Saturday, July 7, 2012

Yay for Fridays!

Friday was a good day. After a more stressful week at work than usual, it was a wonderful start to the weekend! Our good friends, Lauren and Stephen, were back for the week from Denver, and we got to hang out with them! It was thrilling- I miss them a lot and is it so so good to see them whenever we can. Our friend, Amanda, who was Lauren's roommate in college and now lives in the same apartment complex as us, was able to come too.

I started off the afternoon cleaning. Most people wouldn't find that exciting, or even noteworthy, but cleaning isn't too terrible for me and I love having the apartment clean so then we can relax the rest of the weekend.

We then went downtown DM. We don't usually go downtown, but we have several times this past month, so we feel like true "Des Moines-ians." While we were waiting for our table to open up for dinner, we walked across the street to Java Joe's and hung out. It's a pretty cool place with ice cream/coffee drinks. 

They also have games you can play at your tables if you want.

Kley and I at our table.

Me, Amanda, and Lauren (left to right).

Then we headed over to Fong's Pizza!

We tried taco, thai chicken, and the bacon popper (or something like that).
It was really good and was a great night with friends!


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