Sunday, July 8, 2012

Farmer's market and sister's birthday.

On Saturday we went downtown to the Farmer's Market with our friends Lauren and Stephen. It was Kley and I's first time ever! It was really cool. Even though it was super hot, we had a ton of fun. It's a unique place- it was fun to see all the different stands! I did end up buying some yummy veggies. 

 I bought a tomato, green pepper, and sweet corn. I think it was a good choice. :)

Watermelon is my favorite, although we didn't buy one because we didn't want to carry it.

Someone had a really cool looking tart stand.

I am so glad we went and I definitely want to go again sometime!

Saturday was also my sister Karlie's 18th birthday. Happy birthday Karlie- you're the best! We celebrated with the family by seeing the new Spiderman movie in the afternoon, eating dinner at Des Moines Golf, opening presents, and eating ice cream cake. 

It was a pretty awesome day! :)


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