Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The story of Kley and I: Introduction

I think it's really fun to read on other people's blogs about the story of how they met, so I decided to write it for you as well! Hope you enjoy!

Kley and I both went to college at Bethel in St. Paul, MN. He was a sophomore when I was a freshman. In August of 2007, before heading to school, one of the pastors at my Church told me that her nephew went to Bethel. She told me his name was Kley, he was a great guy, he drove a "midnight blue" Jetta, he played golf and was in the men's choir at Bethel, and that he was great with kids because he willingly volunteered to walk on stilts and dress up at the family 4th of July parties. (This was the only information I had about him before meeting him.)

So, little did I know that her husband (Kley's uncle), had called Kley and left him a long voicemail about how he was supposed to find me at school as well.

I went off to school in late August (2007) and pretty much forgot about that conversation. I had several other people that told me they knew some guy who went to Bethel as well that was great and I should meet him, so I didn't think much of it really. Honestly, the first month at school I was pretty homesick. It was hard enough to get used to classes, find friends, and be away from home, that finding a boy was almost the last thing on my mind.

My lovely freshman roommate, Jackie (who just got married herself!), was super into having our floor do a Roommate Roulette. If you have no idea what that is, let me explain. It's pretty popular at Bethel and most freshman floors did it once, if not more. Your entire floor goes on a group date, and your roommate is supposed to ask the guy for you. Technically you aren't supposed to know who the guy that you are going with is until the day of, but everybody always broke that rule and told.

So, our floor decided to do Roommate Roulette. This was at the end of September, 2007 (only a month into school!). I didn't want to go. I was just starting to get used to talking to the girls on my floor, let alone add in a bunch of guys, one of whom was supposed to be my date that I had never met? I had only met a few boys on campus- either through going to class together or being with other girls who introduced me to their friends. I had met zero guys on my own will.

I tried to think back to the "list" I had in my head of the guys I was supposed to meet- and I couldn't remember anyone else's name except for Kley. (Funny fast forward story- my junior year I had a class with one of the other boys on the list! I had never met him, and didn't even remember his name until we took attendance in class, and then it clicked. We even had to work on a project together- I never told him I was supposed to meet him, though. Funny.) I told Jackie she should ask Kley for me.

Jackie was a great roommate and always looking out for me in the boy department. One day after class, I came back to the dorm to find my roster picture blown up and posted all over the walls with my room number and "Looking for a date?" I was embarrassed and took them down right away. (I was never mad about it, though, and now it's quite funny to look back on.)

Jackie marched right over to Kley's dorm and asked him to go with me. Kley's roommate and best friend, David, answered the door, and it turns out that he and Jackie knew each other from working at camp. Small world. When Kley came in, she told him she had the girl for him and that he needed to go to Roommate Roulette with me, and for some reason he was so willing and said yes right away! (It's so cool to look back on your life and see how perfect God's plan is and how wonderfully He reveals it to you at His right time!)

I don't want to type everything, because that would be way too long and take forever for me to type, so I will write it in chapters. Here is the background introduction, and in chapter one I will tell you about our first meeting. :)


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