Monday, July 30, 2012

Best Wedding Videography

The best wedding videography, in my opinion, is Captureblog. He is from Minneapolis, and most of the weddings he does are in Minneapolis, but he also does a lot of traveling. I loved planning my own wedding, and I was obsessed with watching his videos during that time, and I still am today, although my obsession has died down a little.

It's a bummer he was booked for my wedding, (although it was more than we wanted to spend- a girl can dream, right?) but thankfully we found someone in Des Moines who did a great job for ours too. I will always treasure having our wedding on video.

You should all check out his site. I just think the way he shoots is amazing, and he captures each moment so well. I love every single one of his wedding videos. If you like wedding videos, you'll be hooked! (By the way, I was in no way sponsored or anything to share this. I just like it.)


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