Thursday, July 19, 2012

The story of Kley and I: Chapter Two- How we began hanging out

To pick up where we left off, after Roommate Roulette I thought nothing would ever come up with us again. I love to write thank you notes, so I felt like he needed a thanks of some sort after agreeing to give up his Saturday afternoon for a stranger on an awkward group date, but I didn't want to write a note and put it in his PO because I thought that would be a bit much. So, I looked up his Bethel email account and sent him a really short email just saying thanks for coming with me and that I enjoyed meeting him.

I never thought he would respond, but a few days later he did respond. I remember I was checking my email in the Nelson computer lab (my freshman dorm- I have no idea why I was in there and not using my own computer), but he messaged me back and asked if I wanted to come over that Saturday night and watch a movie. I was so pumped I yelled out and everyone looked at me.

So, Saturday comes (early October 2007), and I didn't really know what to expect. I didn't know if this was going to be a movie between me and him, if others were going to be there, etc. Was he just being nice to me? Did he actually like me? How close do we sit together on the couch? Does this mean that his roommates think we're together? I wouldn't say that I liked him yet, but I was definitely excited to get to know him better. I thought he was just being nice to me, maybe that his uncle told him he had to get to know me or something. As it turns out, all of his roommates were there and we watched Casino Royale, a Bond movie. It felt a little bit like I was crashing guys night, but I figured he was the one who invited me so I shouldn't worry. I actually hated the movie, but it wasn't that bad since I was sitting by a guy I could possibly date. :)

After the movie, his roommates left and we got to talk alone, and this was the first time I felt like we really got to know each other, and I liked it. :) After the night ended, I wasn't sure what to expect, because we both said we had a good time, but he didn't talk about seeing each other again and he didn't ask me for my phone number. (In hindsight, Kley is not the best with phones. He has come a long way, but when we first met he hardly used it or carried it with him, and he didn't text. At all.)

I wondered when/if I would see him again. I didn't know if he liked me or not since he didn't ask to see me again. I had also been stalking him on facebook, of course, and seen that the day after he first met me (the day after!) he went on another Roommate Roulette with another girl- which made me think that he didn't really like me, because what if he asked that other girl to a movie too? (Another hindsight, I later found out that he only went to that roulette because his best friend was going with a girl he liked and she had a friend that needed a date.)

Kley ended up emailing me a few days later and asked if I wanted to go for smoothies with him. Of course I said yes. :) This was about two weeks after we'd first met. I was still wondering if he actually liked me or was being nice (Kley says I am crazy for thinking that because of course he liked me if he asked me for a movie AND smoothies!) We went, talked, and I remember that this was the first time I left really actually liking him. When he walked me back to my dorm, I was the one who finally asked him if he wanted my phone number. It was really funny and he didn't have his phone with him, so he gave my his number and I ended up emailing him mine.

The next Saturday, I was sitting around thinking about what my roommates and I were going to do, and thinking about when I would talk to Kley again. Since Kley was on the golf team, we devised a clever plan to text him and ask if he knew of any good mini golf courses around, even though we had no intention of going mini golfing. (Kley tells me he was sitting around all day, holding his phone, wanting to talk to me but he didn't know what to say. Cute.) He responded (I think this was his first text ever!) and said that there was some sort of meteor shower and that him and a friend were going and wanted to know if we wanted to come too.

A friend and I went, and it was one of the greatest nights ever. We just laid on the ground all together talking and watching shooting stars. We also held hands for the first time. I bet it was about a 45 minute progression of our hands moving closer together, but it was so awesome and I will vividly remember that moment forever. It was the best start to our love story ever.

After that night we started hanging out pretty regularly. :)


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