Friday, July 27, 2012

The story of Kley and I: Chapter Four- Our first date/kiss

A week after we started dating, we went on our first date. This was the first time we had left campus together. (Well, the first time was Roommate Roulette, but that doesn't count I don't think.) I remember I was wearing jeans, a red shirt, and gray sweater. Isn't it funny how you remember exactly what you were wearing at pivotal moments in your life?

We went to Mickey's Diner. It's a pretty neat place. It's open all the time (24/7, 365) and it's always the same people working there. It's been featured in several different things, such as Rachael Ray's Food Travels, Food Network, National Geographic, Sports Illustrated, and the movie Mighty Ducks. Granted, it's not the most romantic, upscale, or clean place to bring a first date, but I honestly wasn't phased- the uniqueness of it overshadows those other things and I knew it was Kley's favorite restaurant in the cities. (We have since gone there a lot!)

Other than the first time we met, I think this was the first time we had eaten a meal together. The conversation was good, but looking back it's funny on how somewhat awkward eating together was. You don't want to order something crazy, messy, that will give you bad breathe, or get stuck in your teeth. At least girls worry about that.

Kley, on the other hand, did not worry about such things. He ordered a burger with an egg on it, and as soon as he bit into it the yellow middle ran out everywhere and made a huge mess. He just laughed, cleaned it up, said egg burgers were his favorite, and kept eating. He wasn't phased and he didn't care what others thought, which was/is something I admire about him.

After dinner we walked around downtown St. Paul. They always have trees lit up like that at night, and it was very romantic. I am a big Christmas lights fan, so it was very awesome. I think it was my first time being in downtown St. Paul, and I loved it! (Minneapolis has actually stolen more of my heart than St. Paul, but it's still cool.)

Then we were driving back to Bethel, somewhat aimlessly, and happened on a really cool, peaceful lake. We pulled over and walked through to an opening in the woods and just stood there for about an hour, hugging and talking. We were completely alone, and the only light was the moonlight on the lake. We were so close to kissing, but then we pulled away, and gradually worked up to it again after about 20 minutes (it really was that long, but definitely didn't seem like it at the time). When he did kiss me, it was definitely the best first kiss in the whole entire world. It was absolutely perfect and I will never forget it. It was definitely the best first date in the world also, I think.

What makes it even more perfect is that we could never find that lake again. We tried to drive back to it, but never found it. We tried to google map where we could have been, even trying to find the exact latitude/longitude, but we could never find it. We call it the "magical lake." I'm glad we couldn't find it- I think it makes the memories even cooler. :)


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