Monday, July 23, 2012

The story of Kley and I: Chapter Three- He asked me out

Kley and I's initial hangouts, in the beginning, were almost all late night walks. I really really enjoyed this time. We learned so much about each other and were really enjoying our time together. (Don't worry- we didn't ditch all of our friends. We were really careful about not spending too much time together, and I am proud of the fact that we did a good job of that throughout our dating relationship.)

We talked about a lot of things- our relationship with God and how that all started, families, siblings, school, past relationships, college, our views on important topics, etc. I don't remember many specific conversations, but I remember feeling so happy and blessed. Kley was always so kind and sweet to me, and still is. It was getting late into October, so it was getting colder at night. Once I made the mistake of wearing flip-flops, and my toes were freezing, so Kley just took off his tennis shoes and gave me his socks. :)

On October 23, 2007, Kley asked me out. (Or 24, since it was after midnight. Kley says it's the 24th, I say it was still the 23rd since we hadn't gone to bed yet.) So, we had known each other for a month. We were walking, and we stopped to sit on a bench by Lake Valentine on Bethel's campus. I knew he would probably ask me sometime soon, but I didn't know it was going to be that night.

He said he had really enjoyed getting to know me, he really liked me, and was wondering if I would be interested in dating him. I said yes, and when I walked back into my dorm I ran to my roommates (those that were still awake) and jumped up and down and told them we were dating. It was pretty awesome. :)

Also, ever since then, we have loved that bench on Bethel's campus. We said it was ours, and whenever we saw someone else sitting on it, I secretly got slightly annoyed, like I actually had a claim to the bench or something. :)


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