Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Favorite Teaching Moments

Sometimes teaching two-year-olds is frustrating- that you work so hard to try to replace an unacceptable behavior with an acceptable one with little visible success, and then there are those sparkling moments where your hard work shines through! Today was a frustrating day, which makes me have to work harder at seeing the good moments, but that's silly because God has blessed me with a great job that I truly do enjoy.

Two of my recent awesome moments are when my kids get angry, and instead of screaming and hitting, they vocalize their anger and "use their words" to tell the other friend to please stop. ("Use your words" is a phrase I feel like I say 100 times a day some days!) When I see one of my kids want to scream or hit, but stop themselves and use their words, my heart breaks a little bit and it makes me so happy.

My other awesome moment is praying with them and watching them learn how to pray on their own. We pray multiple times a day as a class, but recently some of them have started to pray on their own. Granted, their prayer is always, "Dear God, thank you for my mommy and daddy. Amen." But that is still amazing, and to see their little hearts learn about Jesus makes me want to cry. What a great privilege, responsibility, and opportunity that I can teach my kids about Him.


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